12/6/19 Masi Amarone & More

Masi Amarone & More with Special Guest Todd 'Pancetta' Bacon
Today Friday December 6 from 3:30 - 6:30
One of the great wine families of Italy, the Boscainis are true ambassadors of the Veneto. They acquired their first vineyards in the 18th century and those sites have remained in the family for six generations. When we think of the great producers of the world, we always try to quantify their achievements so that we can best understand their vision. This concept is not that simple with the Boscaini family because they are truly rooted in tradition, but are continually pushing the envelope to better this great region.

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In order to move boxes and make numbers, this iconic wine is on a RIDICULOUS special!! Campofiorin mirrors the passion that the Boscaini family of Masi have for this region with aromas of forest, iris and wild red berries that speak of the Veneto and perfectly intermingle with the decadent richness, lush dark chocolate, espresso bean and exotic spice that comes from the ripasso method. Ripasso is the unique wine-making practice of Valpolicella, in which wine made during the recent vintage is reserved, then placed atop the dried grapes in the vats just used for Amarone and allowed to ferment further in contact with those skins, thus acquiring additional body, extract and flavor. The Boscaini Family pretty much perfected the Ripasso technique, which they call "double fermentation" because they do not use the pommace or the leftovers of the Amarone, they actually use grapes that are specifically dried for this wine. Quite an expensive habit especially when the wine sells for this price but it only adds to the integrity of their name and the quality of their wine.

While the Boscaini family doesn't label it as such, it can legally be termed as Valpolicella Ripasso and it definitely isn't your is not your grandpa’s light and fruity, 3-in-the-afternoon version, this is serious business! The 2015 vintage adds an extra level of exotic aromatics and plushness that we have yet to see in this red, lots of alluring spice and plenty of chutzpa. Full of flavor but completely dry with great balance and finesse from the high-toned fruit makes this an extremely food friendly and complex bottle of red wine. Enjoy with braised and hearty meat dishes, burgers, nutty cheeses & anything with stewed or roasted veggies.

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Since the inception of The Cellar Door, many of you have shared our passion for the wines of Masi. Dinners and tastings with Raffaele Boscaini have proved very popular and these wines are super-killers and influential benchmarks of the Veneto region and Amarone. Brolo di Campofiorin takes on the Ripasso concept of the great Campofiorin and expounds on it even further.

Almost attacking like a polished, elegant Amarone, this super-Veneto red unveils broad scents of plum pit, dark Valrhona chocolate, chartreuse-like herbs, cracked pepper and nutmeg that carry over into a layered, refined texture that is full and assertive, yet maintaining what we call 'Masi handsomeness'. Drawn-out and very long, this is a super steal at $20 and these six packs won't be available for long. If you love Masi as we do, e-mail us immediately! Drink through 2025.

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Masianco is quite a unique blend of two native grape varieties creating a clean and fresh modern wine that is rich in Venetian personality and intensity. This special blend and technique for the Verduzzo brings richness and complexity to the mix. Intense, incredibly forward aromas of mandarin orange, candied pear, acacia flower and a brisk minerality that ties it all together on the back end and makes you want to drink glass after glass. An ideal aperitif as it pairs perfectly with and array of hors d'oeuvres, simple grilled white fish and grilled pork or poultry.

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The ascent to the summit continues because of all of the grandness for this Friday’s tasting, it is the Amarone wines where we reach the apex.

To be blunt, given their roster of five versions, Masi is one of the most profound of all Amarone producers. The 2014 Masi Amarone is a bottle liquid thunder! An absolute killer, it is full-on, oozing with dried blackberry, tar, almond, raisin, spice and tealeaf. In the mouth, this is dense, full-throttle, very rich and extremely structured. Finely woven bright tones creep through to add complexity. The finish is very youthful and snuggly wrapped but smooth and not having a hair out of place. The potential for greatness is enormous! Hold on tightly, fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be a thrill ride. Drink it through 2029+.