FRIDAY SIPS - Italian Style
Today July 29 from 1:30 - 6:30
Drop by today to taste four summer flavors from the Sunny Peninsula. Two reds, one white and a rose...look forward to seeing you all!

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Carmignano, located northwest of the city of Florence, unofficially is noted as being the first "Super-Tuscan" since Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & other Bordeaux varietals have always been permitted for blending with the native Sangiovese. This region is home to serious big red wines that deliver a lot of bang for the buck. In recent years, the upstart grower Piaggia has taken the lead and has become the benchmark for the region.

The recently arrived 2013 is a Tuscan treasure that if it were in Montalcino would be three times the price. A mighty blend of 70% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon & 10% Merlot, offering up lacy, classy Tuscan scents of smoky violet, cassis and raspberry liqueur, with hints of balsam, underbrush and cinnamon. Impressively formed, well-harmonized flavors show silky tannins that are gobbled up by the beautiful, ripe fruit. A pure and expressive offering from a leader in Tuscany and one that while irresistible now, will give more pleasure with age. Drink through 2025.

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Sometimes deciphering Italian wine laws and labels is about as easy as taking a guy named Guido, have him go into a round room and tell him to find a corner. Only in Italy would you have this much confusion with wine. Cerasuolo here is a region and a blended wine in SE Sicily. Cerasuolo below is a type of wine made in Abruzzo and is pink. Have you decoded it yet? No? Then keep reading!

On the level of the top producers like COS, Gulfi and Occhipinti, Gurrieri is a Sicilian producer that is currently making some of the most compelling Italian red wines that we think should be in your glass. The wines from this estate are made with native varietals, are true and very unadulterated. The 2014 Cerasuolo di Vittoria Rosso is a delicious 60% Nero D'Avola, 40% Frappatto blend that exudes the essence of both of these native varietals. Flamboyant in color and aromatics with lots of blackberry and plum tones, but also exuding its sensuous, smooth side from the distinctive red soils of the region. Well-rounded and very flavorful this is a wonderful selection to pair with slow roasted chicken spiked with lots of Italian herbs, caponata, arancini or penne pasta with a spicy arrabiata sauce.

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The other day I did up a caprese salad and was messing around with various wines. Several worked, mostly white, but the one that just seemingly consummated its relationship with the tomatoes, mozzarella di Bufala and olive oil was this very unique, traditional Central Italian flashy pink torpedo of a wine.

Cersuolo D’Abruzzo is very different from most Rose and is undoubtedly different from the above-mentioned Cerasuolo di Vittoria from Sicily. Made with 100% of the Montepulciano grape in the region of Abruzzo, these pink wines can come in all shapes and sizes. Many, like this one, are meant for early consumption but there are some tremendous versions that are released later and will age. Italo Pietrantonj is a top drawer, very traditional producer of reds, whites and rose wines. This particular offering is aged 12-16 hours on the skin to garner the deeper color and then pressed off and aged in stainless steel. Fleshy, meaty strawberry and raspberry with an array of spices that carry over into the brisk, mouth-filling and invigorating texture that has an impressive burst of energy at the end. Delicious by itself or with grilled fish, different spicy Thai influenced dishes, pecorino, strawberries drizzled with great balsamic vinegar and of course, insalata caprese...but do find the mozzarella di Bufala to use in lieu of regular mozzarella, you’ll see why!

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From the "What Were We Thinking" file of Abruzzo wines is this masterful white from a grape that frankly 20 years ago was heading towards extinction. Sadly, this area was following the rest of the world and ripping up vines like this and Passerina in order to plant more Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and worst of all, Pinot Grigio, in area not suited for any of them. Thank goodness, logic has prevailed and we are seeing a resurrection of native grapes not only in Abruzzo but on the entire sunny peninsula as well.

Cataldi Madonna is one of the top names for Montepulciano D'Abruzzo so it would only make sense that the estate would produce a smokin' Pecorino. Oh yeah, Pecorino, and once again, only in Italy would a grape have the same name as a famous cheese! In all seriousness, this white kills it from the first sniff until the last swallow. Delightfully persistent and intense with aromas of nectarine, lemon-lime and seabreeze that jump from the glass and then blitz the palate with depth, cut and mouth-watering illumination. Throw this one down with calamari or other shellfish at your local church fish fry...and hope to hell they don’t charge you a corkage fee ;-)

Funky Fresh Flavor Feature!


Hello Friends,
Music and wine is always part of our daily lives here at The Cellar Door. We are proud to share an opportunity that we are involved in with friends from the new Willamette Valley Chamber Music Festival along with J. Christopher and Elk Cove Wineries.

A great way to experience beautiful music in beautiful settings with beautiful wines! After months of planning, working…and yes, a little tasting, the Willamette Valley Chamber Music Festival’s inaugural season is officially here! Things kick off August 19 with a concert in the beautiful barrel room at J. Christopher. Sasha Callahan and Leo Eguchi will be joined by violist and composer Kenji Bunch and violinist Megumi Stohs Lewis performing music of Bunch, Golijov, Kodaly, Schubert and Beethoven in this beautiful space and, on August 21, at the spectacular Elk Cove Winery overlooking the vineyards.

Tickets are available online now at,or by clicking on the picture above. Thanks for all your support – we look forward to seeing you in wine country, and to toasting this exciting first season!
Bryan & Karen

Swanky, Non-Caricature Wines From Spain

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Lately it feels as though Spain’s most compelling and thrilling wines have been coming from two regions, Galicia and Catalunya. Yes, Rioja is wonderful but Rioja is Rioja and always fine but there are too many other areas where the wines tend to be overblown, heavy-handed juice boxes made to obtain a review instead of reflecting their origins or to accompany food.

Some call Albariño Spain's number one white wine. Others say the title belongs to Rueda's Verdejo. However, all seem to agree that Godello belongs right up there with the other two. Godello’s spiritual home is eastern Galicia, close to its border with Castilla-Leon and is the main white grape of the growing regions of Valdeorras, Monterrei, Bierzo and Ribera Sacra. Over the past decade or so we have seen an abundance of new or previously unknown producers emerge from these areas and Adega Vella is one such that has excelled in Ribera Sacra. This particular growing region has vineyards terraced high above two rivers (Sil and Minho) which are dominated by slate soils. Vella’s vineyards are in the Sil Valley and are at a 65-degree angle! Made without oak, Very subtle aromas of white grapefruit, lemon, ginger, minerals, peach, saline and earth lead into a vinous texture that possesses superb delineation and zestiness. The slow-building finish is very long, subtle, with flinty tones, and terrific grip. This one is too tempting to pass up. Have it with cod, smoked salmon, or spicy shrimp dishes.

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When it comes to Ribera Sacra and its red wines, this is a No Tempraniilo, No Garnacha and No BS zone. The Mencia grape, which traces its roots to the Portuguese grape of Jaen, prevails here and thrives within these soils and terraced slopes.

The question is, are you cool enough to drink Ribera Sacra? This wine is so chic and bright that you will have to go out and buy a new pair of RayBan's just to fit in. Frankly, this red wine makes me want to jump out of my shoes whenever I drink it. Lifting, inviting tones of marionberry, pepper and soft roasted herbs and plenty of meat and mineral that all seem to build as the wine opens in the glass. Wonderful intensity and medium body from low-yielding fruit, high elevation and old vines. A red wine that will pairs impeccably with Spain's national vegetable – pork! Sausages, chops, loin, Serrano ham, it all works with this wine!


Friday July 29 from 1:30 - 6:30


Summer on the Sunny Peninsula. Drop by to savor a selection of Italian wines. 2 reds along with a white and Rose will be poured this Friday


2014 Gurrieri Cerasuolo di Vittoria (Red)
2015 Italo Pietrantonj Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo (Rose)
2013 Piagga Carmignano ‘Il Sasso' (Another Red)
2015 Cataldi Madonna Pecorino (White Wine, not cheese)