If you're hoping for more than a kiss goodnight on Feb. 14, then what better than to give the gift of this fine Riedel Decanter that is specially priced!

Today February 5 from 1:30 - 6:30
New wines that we have been impatiently waiting to arrive. Come by to taste some new wines including the library release of Galet des Pape’s 2001 Tradition Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

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$39.99 BTL./$479.88 CASE

We are very pleased once again, to offer up an older selection that Bryan chose last year when he visited Jean-Luc Mayard at Galet des Papes. This time we go back to 2001 and feature the Domaine’s Tradition Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This wine should never be referred as the Vieilles Vignes little brother because there are vintages where it is the equal of the VV and some years where it will actually surpass it in quality. The main reason and difference that it is called Cuvee Tradition is the classic use of 80% Grenache instead of 60%. The vines here are also 50+ and the wine is a very different but equally delicious version that fans of mature wines will adore.

Beautifully mature and antique Chateauneuf aromas greet the senses with a complex bouquet of spiced candy, licorice, turned earth, dried roses, spice and subtly smoky, gamey aspects. Very Grenache with its warmth and touches of rosemary and peppercorn that arrive. Beautifully smooth and one that spreads out and touches many points of the palate. Finishing with outstanding energy and depth, this wine is drinking exquisitely at age 14 and will continue at this level for another 4-5+ years. The consensus is that this Chateauneuf rocks the house with a slowly braised leg of lamb jacked with Provencal herbs and spices. It also happens to be one of the best choices for just about any duck or steak preparation as well.

Something we cannot reiterate enough, it such a wonderful thing to be able to offer you an older wine at such a fair price. Just a little over 5 cases are left to work with so if you want to experience what a mature CDP is all about, come in this afternoon (2-5-2016) and see for yourself.

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$22.99 BTL./$275.88 CASE

Doing some sort of crab or seafood (app or entrée)? Then one must dive into a bottle or six of one of Italy's most important white wines. Along with Bruno Giacosa, Luca Currado's father Alfredo Currado was one of the most important men for Italian white wine when they "rediscovered" the ancient Arneis grape. Prior to 1967, Arneis was made in a sweet and cloying, alcoholic style, but Alfredo bucked the tradition and made wines that were clean, fresh and vibrant and became influential to two generations of both winemakers and wine drinkers.

Version 2014 of Vietti's Arneis is plucky and stunningly balanced with loads of blood orange, lemongrass, starfruit, and mineral on the nose. In the mouth it is dazzling, dry and brisk, but with no shortage of depth and flavor. Fantastic white for simply prepared cracked crab or other seafood dishes, especially seared tuna in an Asian prep or fried calamari.

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2014 L'ECOLE NO. 41
$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

A few years back, L'Ecole's Red blend was known as Recess Red. Recently, L'Ecole No. 41 decided that this wine should be taken much more seriously given the high quality. A label upgrade and name change, Frenchtown, combined with swank material makes this a killer deal from this Walla Walla based legend.

Bordeaux grapes combined with Rhone grapes (22% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Syrah, 8% Malbec, 30% Merlot, 3% Mourvedre, 3% Grenache and 7% Cabernet Franc), this red has serious suck-it-down factor. Flamboyant, exuberant aromas of cassis, blueberry, dusty earth and tobacco carry over to a texture that is positively velvety and smoothly covers the entire palate with ambiance and spirit. Drinkable now and over the next 3-4 years, this is a lovely red from one of the longtime stalwarts that stands above so many other under 20 dollar Washington blends.

93 point Barbera for 20, Woodward Canyon Cab, Tuscan Syrah & more

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

Situated east of Montepulciano in Tuscany is Tenimenti d’Alessandro, an estate specializing in Rhone varietals since the late 80s. With 80 acres under vine and with famed Barolo producer Luca Currado consulting and working alongside winemaker Filippo Calabresi, these wines have seriously taken off in the last few years.

Borgo is Alessadro’s entry Syrah and it is lip smacking delicious. Having note that one might find in the Northern Rhone, the Tuscan terroir is never sacrificed. The elevage here is done without the use of new barrels and the wine displays aromatic creamed plum with complex scents of woodsmoke, sage, white pepper, graham, cinnamon and sneaky strawberry. Texturally it is generous and giving with direct fruit and instant likability. The vivid and gliding finish closes with lively fruit tones but also typical smoke and earth notes. Enjoy over the next few years with smoked meats or mushroom-based dishes.

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$335.74 - CASE OF 24 SPLITS

Domaine Durban produces an entire wine but it is this sweet dessert wine that made them famous.

Exuberant, generous, and pure sinful pleasure Durban’s Muscat Beaumes-de-Venise offers enticing rose-petal, satsuma, spice and rosemary oil scents while white anise scents bark out from a distance. Wickedly rich, sweet and full with inviting citrusy tones that come from the elevation from the vineyard sites in the Dentelles de Montmirail and aid in maintaining freshness. Super-viscous finish with plenty of brightness make this wine perfect to pair with creme brulee, fresh berry tarts or even white chocolate.

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$12.99 BTL./$155.88 CASE

Made from 100% Cabernet Franc, Chinon wines are a distinct taste of France and replicating these wines in the New World is quite a challenge. The current winemaker at Domaine J-M Raffault is Rodolphe Raffault who is the 14th generation.

Raffault’s classic Chinon is all about pleasure and even though it is made with Cabernet Franc, serve it in a Burgundy glass as it has more in common with wines like Burgundy that are all about aromatics. Stylish, elegant and very food-friendly. Laced with scents of currant, mushroom, cinnamon, sandalwood and pepper. Refined and compelling with an elegant, seductive texture. Finishes dry and lively which makes it the perfect picnic wine with charcuterie and cheese.

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$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

The village of Chinon is known for its castle and its most famous resident, 15th century writer and clergyman, Francois Rabelais. One such philosophy that we live by around here is one that Rabelais once wrote, "When I drink, I think; and when I think, I drink". This pretty much sums up the attitude of Chinon's 9000 or so citizens, one visit there and you will see, it is food and wine hedonism at its finest.

Clos D'Isore is an enclosed vineyard that dates back to the 17th century. The current 6+ acres were planted in 1938 and are steeply situated in clay/limestone soil that sits atop a white chalk subsoil. The 2012 is a well-structured wine with generous raspberry fruits, Asian spices, pronounced flint, sanguine and pekoe, all snugly fit into one impressive gift from the old vines and earth. Old-vine depth backbone and persistence abound, this wine is an under 20 buck offering that will drink and develop nicely through its 10th birthday.

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

The Bertollini family at Olim Bauda have become serious practitioners of Barbera wines and it is quite a thrill to see these nice folks receive heaps of praise for their wines from top to bottom. Le Rocchette is from the eponymous-named vineyard in Isole d'Asti whose vines were planted in 1950 and instantaneously one can discover that this wine steps it up a level or six from most 20 buck Barbera D'Asti wines.

‘Olim Bauda's 2012 Barbera d'Asti Superiore Le Rocchette is gorgeous. Beams of underlying acidity and minerality support the expressive fruit and give the wine its sense of drive. The Rocchette will drink nicely for at least another handful of years. This is a joyous, utterly irresistible wine from Olim Bauda. – 93 POINTS, VINOUS

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

We featured this a few months back but a recent re-order with a stronger dollar has brought the price to 20 bucks. Located in the Northwest corner of Spain is the Galician region of Rias-Baixas. Until 25 or so years ago, there was no D.O. for this area. Today, only 100% Albarino from this region may be labeled with the Rais-Baixas D.O. Because of the close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, this region's climate is quite different than in other parts of Spain and is Spain’s only region where Albariño can flourish naturally.

Meticulous farming and hand harvesting characterize Pazo de Senorans Albarino. The wine is also aged on its lees and stored in stainless steel tanks that make for a very clean and dry wine with great minerality and intensity. Gorgeous scents of peach and white flowers swirl around the nose while crisp dry fruit plays on the tongue and saturates the entire palate. We absolutely love this wine! Albarino is the ultimate seafood wine and this offering will pair well with crab, smoked albacore, mussels and more.

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$8.99 BTL./$107.88 CASE

Funny enough (and only in Spain) is that this red wine value comes from Carinena region of Spain and features none of the namesake grape, instead it is 100% Garnacha from old vines.

Savory fruit jumps from the glass followed up with hot rock, wild spice and warm raspberry fruit aromas that shine on the nose and especially on the broad, very smooth and sophisticated palate. Wines this good at 9 bucks just don't come along too often and this mighty effort at such a tiny price merits buying by the trunkload!

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$43.99 BTL./$527.88 CASE

The 22nd version of Rick Small's Artist Series Cabernet is a formidable and exciting one. Vintage 2013 delivered up smaller quantities in a quite warm setting allowing for full-scaled wines that unlike their 2012 counterparts, are easier to see and consume at a younger stage. They will also age well given their submerged backbones that play nicely off the generous fruit.

Being such a large wine, it is amazing at just how fleet-footed and harmonious the 2013 really is. Cassis, plum, cocoa powder aromas dominate with underlying Walla Walla-esque minerality and attractiveness. Amplified and gaining more dark tones as it opens, the fragrances carry over to a texture that is buxom, layered and very structured. As it moves towards the back of the mouth, it thrills with a captivating finish that is long and laden with cedar and baking spices. As mentioned, it is impressive to see even early on but this wine has serious capacity to age for 10-15 years.