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Apex Montalcino Values for 11

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$10.99 BTL./$65.94 - SIX PACK

While more famous for their Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino wines, Caprili has rolled out a brand new, 100% Sangiovese that drinks well on a Thursday evening while watching television. Many of you all know the wines from Caprili and the value that they deliver but this wine is insane for 10 bucks and in keeping with the Bartolommei family’s credo, this wine is both full of character and flavor while retaining freshness and balance and will carry over to the table.

100% Sangiovese and 100% yummy with serious chug factor going on here. Beaming with aromas that are direct with plush red cherry, savory earth, cedar-box and smoke revealing true-to-form Tuscan character. Very giving and honest with smooth flavors, sneaky backbone, and an engaging finish that is very raspberry-tinged and lingers more than any offering that is 11 bucks ever should.

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$10.99 BTL./$65.94 - SIX PACK

This would probably get us a good smack upside the dome but it really is Brunello Bianco indeed and we absolutely love it!

100% Vermentino. Captivating aromas of flowers and seashells provide lots of dance from the glass, but also show impressive intensity. Scintillating, refreshing and dry with mouth-quenching intensity and an inviting texture filled with ripe flavors of Meyer lemon, pear and spice. This is sexy juice for the adventurous wine drinker who is willing to uncork their minds and palates. Exquisite with swordfish or tuna.


We are celebrating the long weekend and won’t be pouring wine this Friday. We will be open on Friday May 26 for pickups from 12:30 until 4:30. See you next week when we re-open Tuesday May 30 for normal business and a super-special Friday Sips announcement!!

Dolcetto Special, 95 pt. Barbaresco, Rose & more for Italian Wine Week

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$13.99 BTL./$167.88 CASE

When it comes to modern-day Sicilian wines, one of the important influences on the island has been Planeta. Making superb wines on all levels, one can find just about anything one desires from this excellent lineup including this thirst quenching, dry Rose

This 2016 is made from 50% of the native Nero d'Avola and 50% of the non-native Syrah grape. Just a mouthful of zing with fresh strawberry, rose petals, herbs and just enough earthiness to keep things real. Uplifting and fully versatile with an quenching finish. Perfect for a plate of salami and cheeses, shellfish stew, or with a spread of herb-bathed olives, cured meats and cheeses.

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[reg. $21.99]
SPECIAL - $16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

Living in the shadow of Nebbiolo and Barbera, Dolcetto can often be forgotten, but when it comes from Dogliani, it is very special and is THE grape of this village, especially since the high-elevation vineyards bring boundless rewards in the bottle. The results and distinction of the quality have not gone unnoticed and commencing in was elevated to DOCG status (hence just Dogliani, no longer Dolcetto di Dogliani) for the best terroirs of the village.

Aromas of strawberry, black raspberry and lilies erupt from the nose and are enhanced by scents of mineral and rock-dust. Cascading with freshness in the mouth, the intense, pure fruit spreads out in the middle and follows through into the long, luscious finish. Trust us, after tasting your response will be MADONN’! At this special price, Einaudi's Dolcetto di Dogliani is a wily best buy that anyone who is perceptive about red wine will undoubtedly purchase. Pair this fabulous red with with antipasti like salami or carpaccio yet it is amply flavored to stand up nicely to pork, sausages or if you are a thrill-seeking gourmand, do up a bollito misto.

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$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

Damn this is terrific white wine for the summer! Made from the Cortese grape and grown at 1000 feet in the Gavi region of Piemonte, the clay & marl-based soils shine so well.

Lime and apple notes intermingle nicely with mineral on the nose and carry over to an attacking texture that has plenty of burst and saline qualities. Lovely briskness buffers the surprisingly penetrating components, especially on the finish. This blazing white absolutely screams out for crab…although mussels or cod will work well, too.

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$19.99 BTL./$119.94 - SIX PACK

From Lucio Gomero, the same cat who brings us the ever famous herb salt in the jars! Let's set one thing straight about Vignalta's red wines, these are not glossed-up, overoaked, overpriced Super Tuscan wannabes. Unlike Tuscany, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot were introduced to Northern Italy in the late 19th century and the wines here speak beautifully of their terroir versus having to suffer in shimmering new French barrels.

This wine does see oak aging but the new oak is kept to a minimum. The 2011 serves up enticing scents of blueberry, roasted coffee, energetic ironstone and plum. Pure spices arrive from the earth and the wine possesses a coating texture that is dry, tangy and exactly what Colli Euganei is all about. A perfect excuse to cook duck! Drink now and over the next 5-6 years.

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$27.99 BTL./$167.94 - SIX PACK

Piantate Lunghe is a partnership of three growers who once sold their grapes to Umani Ronchi before jumping out on their own and achieving big success. Only in existence since 2004, this knockout producer has been receiving heaps of praise from Italy’s wine pundits and it is only a matter of time until it pops off in our country.

100% Montepulciano. Earlier this year we featured the 2010 and 2011 and now comes the awesome 2012. Upon pouring, ginger and cardamom-spice mingle with rich berry fruit, roasted earth and minerality. The Piantate Lunghe vineyards are very close to the sea and that proximity keeps this wine fresh and maintains the precise flavors of the grape. Meaty, hearty and formidable, layered flavors come in waves and persist for quite a while. Enjoy this ruggedly handsome red now and over the next 8-10 years with slow-cooked meats, aged cheeses and substantial pasta dishes. At 27 bucks this teeters at the top-end for Le Marches but to put it into perspective, if you were to go west across the Apennines into Tuscany or Umbria, you could expect to pay at least twice this price for this level of quality.

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$59.99 BTL./$359.94 - SIX PACK

Based in Neive, Cigliuti is not only a very prolific, boutique Barbaresco producer, they also happen to be one this Italian region’s most on fire commodities right now. Serraboella is grand cru site located in the Barbaresco village of Nieve and offers up sheer profoundness. In a year like 2013, this is one that will undoubtedly age for a long, long time. Have a kid that was born in 2013, then you should have some of this one for his or her 21st!

‘...The 2013 boasts a serious center of fruit and tons of intensity, but it is also raw and not fully formed at this stage. Sweet red cherry, rose petal, mint, pomegranate and blood orange open up in the glass, but only with reluctance. The 2013 is deep, powerful and intense, but readers will have to be patient, as the wine is in no mood to show all of its cards today... – 95 POINTS, ANTONIO GALLONI, VINOUS’


We are celebrating the long weekend and won’t be pouring wine this Friday. We will be open on Friday May 26 for pickups from 12:30 until 4:30. See you next week when we re-open Tuesday May 30 for normal business and a super-special Friday Sips announcement!!