White Burgundy - New Feuillarde St-Veran
11-year-old SuperTuscan
Oregon Pinot, Cali Zin & St-Emilion Grand Cru, Txakoli Rosé

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$23.99 BTL./$287.88 CASE

92 Points – Decanter… Cot is the Loire Valley name for Malbec and it has been cultivated and vinified in this region for generations, however, it remains rare in that it only is 2% of the Loire’s roster of grapes. A Loire red genius, Jean-Francois Merieau is a maestro with this grape and this offering is so unlike any that you will come across from Cahors or Argentina.

Earth-driven, yet the penetration of aromas from 50+ year old vines bring forth layered undertones of raspberry, licorice, subtle sandalwood, pepper and spice-box. Intensity and vibrancy are plentiful and done without the invasion of new oak. Earthy flavors and more dry than new world expressions, its texture is high-toned with plenty of backbone and length. A real, honest taste of France, this red pairs smashingly with duck, smooth pate, hearty stews and even carnitas. If you want an even more esoteric experience, take some bottles, and put them down for 5 years - it will be even more sublime.

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$26.99 BTL./$323.88 CASE

Having now been selling, cellaring and most importantly, consumed this White Burgundy for a decade it is like clockwork that Lucien Thomas will make a great wine pretty much every vintage from this 80+ year old vineyard. Once again this is our exclusive, but sadly given the microscopic yields in 2021 we only have fifteen cases to offer until 2022 arrives third quarter of 2024. Translation, it will sell out, especially after we uncork it this Friday afternoon.

Fabulous French Chardonnay indeed, vintage 2021 possesses a fine nose of mandarin orange, lemon, prominent pristine mineral and subtle spice aromas. In the mouth it has terrific streamlined raciness, with waves of citrus flavors, yet never cloying or overblown. Seamlessly textured and showing body and briskness from engaging start on through to the electric, lingering finish. Drink now through 2029 with a roasted chicken stuffed with mushrooms, flaky fish done with sauce or a nicely ripened brie or camembert.

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One of ours (and Portland’s) favorite Chianti Classico returns and version 2020 is both fantastic with its quality but most importantly, its pleasure factor. Back in early May, we had dinner with the entire Lenzi family, including Diana’s parents Pamela and Gianluigi. This was the first time meeting Gianluigi and lemme tell you, when it comes to drinking Chianti (and frozen limoncello), this guy doesn’t mess around. There were a gaggle of us and probably at least 15 bottles of Chianti consumed at Trattoria Da Luigi in Rome in one sitting.

Flaunting sexy fruit and minerality, the generosity of 2020 is formidable in this fine-buy Chianti Classico. Hearty cherry, underbrush and savory spices flow from the glass and follow through to a texture that possesses depth and personality that never give way to being flamboyant or overdone. Plenty of character and spine, this wine is an excellent accompaniment to just about any Italian-inspired meal.

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Pinot Gris/Grigio is a grape and a wine that we at The Cellar Door almost never drink willingly. Most are either insipid flavorless watery wonders or they are dirty sugar water. Fortunately, we do have heroes and one of the bastions of apex Italian white wines is the Alto Adige-based producer, Girlan.

If diamonds could be aromas, then this would be it. The essence of Italo-Teutonic qualities, gushing aromas of lime, cream and extreme minerality penetrate the senses. Sensual flavors throughout, but the streamlined brisk acidity that prevails in the minerally soil that Alto Adige is known for is what balances this classy, precise white wine. Have it with starters like terrines or pates as well as grilled salmon or halibut.

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$24.99 BTL./$299.88 CASE

Located on the eastern edge of Saint-Emilion, this is our premier offering for this delicious Grand Cru Bordeaux value. Like much of the youth in this region, Chateau Haut-Veyrac is very much in tune with environmental practices and gentle handling of the fruit.

Chock full of ripe raspberry, smoked herbs and chocolate covered espresso-bean this wine allures from the first moment when held to the glass. Luscious, harmonious, rich, smooth and very pleasing flavors fill the mouth and linger with red tones along with a distinct cumin-cardamom-chocolate thing going on. Very drinkable over the next decade…but honestly, this wine is so damn good now, it'll be hard to resist finishing off your bottles!

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$39.99 BTL./$479.88 CASE

After visiting Bedrock back in May on a trip to Sonoma, it was very eye opening to see just what Morgan Peterson (son of Joel Peterson, founder of Ravenswood) and his consigliere and co- owner are producing and rediscovering old vineyards. Many wines are produced, never a ton of any and Zinfandel is quite prominent in a good number of their wines.

Noma Vineyard is 100+ years old and located just outside of Lodi. Bedrock took over the farming in 2018 and this wine has taken off. This is the first go-round for us to offer this and we are very excited about the resulting wine. The words 'power, potency and volume are inescapable when applied to this wine and this 100% Zin shows the attention to detail in the vineyard. Blasted with aromas intense blackberry, jammy plum, along with lots of thyme, nutmeg and rustic earth. For those who like their Zins with the full fruit and deep texture, one can enjoy it early but it will easily develop and gain further dimension and suaveness over the next 10-12 years.

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f you were to find a blend such as this 90 minutes’ drive west along the Tuscan coast in the Bolgheri region, you could easily expect to pay two to three times to get quality such as this. Falchini has been producing this single vineyard wine for over two decades and with the assistance of the father of SuperTuscans, the late Giacomo Tachis (Sassicaia, Tignanello, Solaia) this wine has vaulted into orbit and at age eleven, the 2012 is drinking exquisitely.

Once again, Michael Falchini has opened the library for us all to enjoy. 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot aged in barrique for two years followed by another two in bottle before release. This wine is so damn good right now. ToscanaSudBordeaux (not exactly a word) aspects. Quite aromatic and changes like an obstacle course. Generous scents, secondary but warm, inviting and revealing sensuous dried fruits and potpourri-like spices. Debonair, drawn-out and very giving. This is an amazing value for an aged wine and can be savored now and over the next 7-8 years

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$23.99 BTL./$287.88 CASE

A perennial favorite pink wine from the Basque Country, a big, sinister smile will appear across your face when you drink it because you know that your palate has just been carjacked! From the Getaraiko region overlooking San Sebastián, comes the Txakoli from Ameztoi. Achieving cult-like status (especially for this naturally fizzy pink wine), Ameztoi is regarded as the region's finest producer.

From the estate's vineyards, one can see the Atlantic Ocean and the profound influence that it has on the grapes and the wines is nothing short of enormous. The ultimate in visceral, very dry with aromas and flavors reflect the soils and sea with subtle tones of red fruit and citrus. In the mouth, it's a genius, slightly fizzy roller-coaster ride with lively, vivid, super-soaring tones that cry out for shellfish. Holiday crab feed anyone?? This is cerebral rosé but imminently slammable rose as well. I always refer to this as my 'pain in the ass' pink wine because it always sells out quickly and people tend to go into hysterics when they are unable to procure their bottles.

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We have been friends with Marcus Goodfellow for 25+ years and have watched him go from small garagiste chasing a dream to seeing him become a top producer of Oregon wines. Marcus is a cool cat and with the retirement of Cristom's Steve Doerner, he has grabbed the whole cluster crown and is sitting upon the non-destem throne. Marcus's high-end single vineyard wines are uncompromising, stacked, packed and built to age. He does make an excellent range and with virtually no production in the smoke-filled 2020 vintage, it is cool to see him roar back with some killer new releases. First planted in 1973, the Durant vineyard is one of Oregon’s pioneer vineyards.

The 2021 Goodfellow Durant Pinot is a hitman dressed in Armani. Compact aromas of lavender, pepper, violet, rose, cherry and underlying herbs show nicely on the nose. In the mouth the vinous aspects of the older vines shines through, although there is so much story to unfold. Creamy, layered and chock full of character this will undoubtedly unfold into something very special in time. Enjoy early along with watching its development through 2035.

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It is not the largest or most multi-faceted red that we sell, but year in and year out, this Minervois Chateau’s juicy, flavorful red delivers up loads of pleasure.

90% Carignan, 10% Syrah and tres typique of a wine from the Languedoc, black raspberry notes roll from the glass. Vibrant and peppery with bursting flavors throughout, have it now and have it with anything on the grill. Don't think, just drink.

Gevery-Chambertin & Trimbach Specials
Walla Walla Red Blend
Priorat Value

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Trimbach is the epitome of Alsace's DRY wines. After drinking a bottle of the 2020 it made me remember why I love the dry wines of Alsace so much. Trends change and with Alsace going through a herd of sugar hunters in the 90s and 00s, Trimbach continued and continues their path of terroir-driven wines that are dry and carry beautifully to the dinner table. Interestingly enough, the latest young generation of Alsace producers now refer to wines, as this as reference points and the region seems to be moving back toward a drier and more crystalline style. Typical of a Trimbach Riesling, this wine shows essence of nervosity and focus of origin. Loads of movement and energy with diamond-crystal stoniness, pine and freshly- squeezed lemon. The texture is exactly what the nose would lead you on with; sort of like drinking diamonds! Striking, nervy and very minerally…and yes, bone dry! The finish is very wiry and long. Impressive material here, this will work with sausage, pork, halibut, oysters or mussels in very pure forms. Drink it now through 2027.

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

Known in Oregon for their Forager Pinot Noir, Scenic Root Winegrowers' initial renown came from California. Spicerack is a love letter to Sonoma Syrah and the 2021 is entirely from the Dry Creek Valley and is super affordable.

Blackberry, underlying currant and cherry, dusty earth tones, mint and freshly ground black pepper shine on the nose. Dark, sultry and all about texture in the mouth, this stylish red is layered with lots of movement and various complex flavor profiles. Drawn-out, lingering and possessing excellent substance on the back end enjoy this Sonoma Syrah over the next 3-4 years with a variety of cuisines.

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$26.99 BTL./$323.88 CASE

The Black Slate line of wines are cool and affable from one of Spain's great regions that's known more its luxury wines that sell well above 26 bucks. The Gratallops is done by Celler Cecilio and is specifically from the high-elevation village of Gratallops is a deep, haunting red from black slate soils.

Mainly Grenache with dollops of Carignan and Syrah, the 2021 is smooth, graceful and large-framed; it reveals plum, lavender, black cherry, slate and cinnamon tones that follow into a texture that is voluptuous and substantial. Plenty of lift and structure allows it never to be cloying; it also clings to the palate in a pleasant manner well after the wine is swallowed. Very enjoyable now with an herb-crusted, roasted or grilled pork dish, however it ages impeccably and this one will drink and develop nicely through 2029.

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$17.99 BTL./$215.88 CASE

As wonderful as Garofoli’s Verdicchio-laden white wines are, the red wines are equally as formidable. The best way that I can describe these very individualistic wines is that they are poetic animals. Piancarda is the first of two Rosso Conero wines and is always a stupendous value.

Made with 100% of the Montepulciano grape, this wine is dark, haunting and nothing like its Abruzzo brethren. Soil and sea play a tremendous role with this wine and enhance the very authentic fruit that the Garofoli family always obtains. Elusive with perpetual movement, constantly rolling in different, alluring directions each time you draw it to the nose. Piquant, graceful, classy with impressive palate coverage and extension. Creamy, generous and genuine, the previously mentioned soil and sea really play their roles to perfection in concert with the fruit. The darkness and wildness of the Montepulciano is offset nicely by the tanginess and salinity of the terroir. One to drink over the next 4-5 years with a classic minestrone or roasted pork loin slathered in Italian herbs.

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Nothing ever stays the same and wine regions are constantly evolving. The Walls emerged on the Walla Walla wine scene and not only made quite a splash with their name (a tongue in cheek, contradictory nod to the concrete mama, Walla Walla Prison) but more importantly with their fabulous wines.

It takes a whole lot of cojones to make a blend such as this, with these grapes from the Red Mountain. 43% Touriga Nacional, 15% Tempranillo, 10% Souzao, 10% Tinta Cao, and the rest Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet, and Counoise this Portuguese-inspired red wines has been one of my recent faves from this area. Hearty aromas of pronounced chocolate-covered strawberry co-exist handsomely with Moroccan spice, finely placed oak and sneaky minerality. Bountiful and very stylish flavors captivate the palate with an almost-Italian plum-like quality before advancing through to the arousing finish that brings it all home. Enjoy over the next 6-8 years.

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Chateau Lalande is a small St-Julien property that is one of the rare, non-classified Chateau. Owned by the Meffre family who own Chateau Du Glana and Chateau Bellevue, this estate sits in Beychevelle-St-Julien and is contiguous to the Chateau and the wine is a remarkable, well-defined Bordeaux value indeed.

55% Cabernet Sauvignon 45% Merlot, the great 2019 really goes towards the darker fruit side of St-Julien possessing full-on aromas with penetrating depth and personality. Blackberry, cherry, violet, gravel and prominent cedarbox scents prevail. In the mouth, it is concentrated, layered, yet youthfully streamlined. With its full core of depth and fruit, this wine can be accessed but we recommend decanting about an hour before drinking. Packed, persistent and impressive, sit down to a good meal and enjoy this Bordeaux over the next 10-12 years.

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$13.99 BTL./$167.88 CASE

91 Points - Wine Enthusiast Magazine...The new 2022 Bonny Doon Picpoul is on the scene and ready to make a hell of a white wine drinking impact. A California version of a Languedoc grape aromatic, gushing aromas of lime, sea salt and peach mesh into an explosive and brisk texture.

It is truly one of those great wines to keep around the house and at 13.99 per bottle, you can sit it, slurp it, cook with it or shower with it. Although you may be fired from your job if you take this advice then post it on the internet because at 10.5% alcohol, the consumption of multiple bottles will cause such merriment.

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Philippe Cheron is rocking it big time with his lineup of top-drawer Cotes-de-Nuits wines. These are a real joy and undiscovered gems because these days, finding top wines, especially Premiers Crus and single vineyards from Gevrey, Vosne-Romanee and Chambolle under 100-bucks are virtually unheard of. The British press is really taking notice and I am sure the US wine hack writers will soon follow. This vineyard located in southern portion of Gevrey-Chambertin just below Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru.

Streamlined with aromatic burst. Sensual spice and developing cinnamon. Lacy, but dense fruit, indicative of plush, powerful, but debonair and quite profound 2020 vintage. Sleek, silky entry and with much more red flavors than the black fruit dominated nose lets on. Youthful and yet exuberant, deep and attractive now with killer extension, but there is more story to come…Hold this until 2025 and drink through 2035. Very limited supply, if you love Burgundy, get in touch with us.