with Special Guest Luca Currado
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 25, 4:00 - 6:00

Join us on Wednesday January 25 as we welcome back our friend Luca Currado, winemaker at Vietti as he pours and presents a lineup of his terrific wines from Castiglione Faletto in Barolo.

Conero Ripetere
Today January 20 from 1:30 - 6:30
New full-flavored, Montepulciano reds from Conero in Italy’s Le Marches Region
With last week's snow and ice inundation, many of you weren’t able to experience these wines. We will repeat these wines and highly recommend that you join us as we embark on a Central Italian thrill ride. If you visited last week, not to worry, I’ll have some other bottles open as well!

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$26.99 BTL./$161.94 – SIX PACK

100% Montepulciano and a real expression of a top site of the Le Marches region, mushroom, ginger and cardamom-spice mingle with rich berry fruit, roasted earth and minerality. Piantate Lunghe’s Montepulciano vineyards are 2500 meters to the sea and 350 meters above the sea and these particular specifications are what keep the wine fresh and maintains the precise flavors of the grape.

Meaty, hearty and formidable flavors come in waves and persist well after the wine is swallowed. Enjoy this ruggedly handsome red now and over the next 5-7 years with slow-cooked meats, aged cheeses and substantial pasta dishes. At 27 bucks this teeters at the top-end for Le Marches but to put it into perspective, if you were to go west across the Apennines into Tuscany or Umbria, you could expect to pay at least twice this price for this level of quality.

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$26.99 BTL./$161.94 – SIX PACK

An excellent way to experience this upstart producer who has only been in existence since 2004 is to taste two vintages! Piantate Lunche is a partnership of three growers who once sold their grapes to Umani Ronchi before jumping out on their own and achieving big success.

2011 is a complete different monster than the 2010. A mountain of a red wine, thrilling aromas reveal warm, mineral that weave through dense blackberry, Christmas spice, game, violet and cardamom. Elusive with perpetual movement, constantly rolling in different, alluring directions each time you draw it to the nose. In the mouth it is full-bodied, graceful, classy with impressive persistence and penetration. Creamy, generous and genuine, it still reveals plenty of structure and spine, especially on the warm, packed, long finish. Have this with grilled lamb or grilled steak, however, it will also age nicely for 6-8 more years as well.

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$13.99 BTL./$83.94 – SIX PACK

Like the Riserva wines, the classic Conero Cuvee, Il Palazzo, is pure Montepulciano and reveals plenty of blackberry, smoked meat, rosemary and layered plum tones. Deep and mouth-filling with sensual fruit to make it very attractive, but still maintains just enough of the savage personality that is Montepulciano, especially in the bursting, spicy finish that is super-long, especially for an 14 dollar wine!

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

It's always difficult just to say who is best in any given wine-producing area, but there are always exceptions and Bucci is one of them! When it comes to Verdicchio and the Le Marches region, Bucci's Classico is better than just about anyone's Riserva!

A small producer of 8,000 cases of three different wines, the 2014 Verdicchio Classico is all about the sea and this outstanding white wine is a tremendous match with anything that swims. Bone-crushing aromas of mineral, crustaceans, lemongrass, underlying yellow flowers, anise and limestone show off from the moment it is poured into the glass. In the mouth it presents laser-beam focus, terroir-specific, energetic and revealing plenty of old-vine depth and character all in a precise package. For a Jackson note one can experience one of Italy's great white wines and not only is it perfect for shellfish, and even though we’re buried with snow at the moment it has the intensity to stand up to our delicious spring salmon.

Late Arrivals of two immaculate Italian Olive Oils
Holidays are now long gone, we've been snowed in and eating and drinking.....time to restock! Here are two beauties that we supposed to arrive in December but showed up just recently!

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$21.99 - limited!

This is quite the delicious and delectable rarity!! Unbelievably, this fine estate from Sicily’s Mt. Etna makes an olive oil that is the equal to their grandiose wines. As you read further, not a whole lot is produced and we are very fortunate to be able to offer a smattering! Notes are from Tenuta Delle Terre Nere owner/winemaker Marco De Grazia:

‘And, naturally, olive oil always was, and is, the prime element our of Mediterranean cuisine and diet. Poured over bread with a tomato rubbed into it, it was every child’s summer afternoon snack (merenda). Still my favorite! From there to the highest pinnacles of Mediterranean cooking, it is always present, always the protagonist. Through the Middle East and across Mediterranean Europe, life without Olive oil is simply unthinkable. Our estate owns roughly 1,500 olive trees. Many are centuries old. We feel an obligation towards them that feeds on generations upon generations of farming: centuries upon centuries of history that becomes memory and runs through our veins. There is no such thing as “the best olive oil”. And I would never say that ours is the best. I will, however, say that some may and do care for their trees and olives as much as we do, but none more than us. All our trees are organically raised and kept, the soil around them tilled and tilled again; all expertly pruned every two years. The olives are all handpicked, and every day’s harvest cold pressed every evening. The oil is then left to naturally decant until February-March and is bottled without filtering. Our volcanic soils confer sweetness and finesse to it, and a lovely bouquet. The cold nights inhibit our fruits worst enemy, the olive fly. The result is an outstanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Costs are very high. We lose a little money every year. Someday soon I hope to break even. It doesn’t really matter that much, especially when you see the newly pressed gold-green olive oil gushing free from the press. Some things just have to be done.’

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$26.99 - 500 ML BTL. - limited!

One of the more difficult olive oils to get your hands on is the Rocca di Montegrossi Olive Oil. As is the same case as the Terre Nere oil above, one would expect these to as be off the charts as the wines and Marco Ricasoli delivers!

Made with 90% Correggiolo olives and 10% Moraiolo, finesse, richness, complexity and balance are emphasized over sheer volume and hit-you-over-the-head spiciness. This unique zone in Chianti is one that is in the path of maritime winds, thus the chance for frost is minimal. Why is this important to this oil you ask?? In 1985, a killer frost killed off many old olive trees, but many of Marco's were spared. Organically produced, the flavors in this exquisite oil show the use of these old trees. Beautiful green color with intense judicious aromas that evoke ripe green character along with the essence of ripe fruit - rich and creamy with harmonious and attractive spiciness. Serious stuff that is excellent for dipping on high quality bread and paired with Montegrossi's Chianti Classico. Also fine with grilled vegetables or salads.

Stellar Chablis Values, Volpaia Chianti Riserva, Cab, Palacios Priorat & more

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$13.99 BTL./$167.88 CASE

In the local Mapuche language, Calcu means ‘magician’. And indeed, owner Ricardo Rivadeniera and winemaker Rodrigo Romero have created a magical value Cabernet Sauvignon from the distinctive flavors of Chile's Colchagua Valley.

85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Carmenere and 5% Petite Verdot, this wine emits nothing but goodness. Chock full of deep cassis and mocha tones along with underlying mineral, cedarbox and nutmeg all which carry over into the mouth. Full-flavored, quite extensive for a mere 13 bucks and nicely lingering. Drink now and over the next 3-4 years.

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$26.99 BTL./$323.88 CASE

Jean-Pierre Grossot is the prototype Chablisien farmer who is regarded as one of the tigers poised to move into the league of Raveneau, Louis Michel, Dauvissat & Fevre, all of whose Premiers Crus run well into the stratosphere. Already obtaining notoriety, I really expect the prices of this producer to rise in the future. In the meantime, take advantage of something cool and über-delicious for amazing prices!

Owning 32 acres (25 in AOC Chablis and 7 spread out over three different Premiers Crus) this producer has converted his vineyards to organic and harvests everything manually. Vaucoupin is located just east of the village of Chablis and is a steep, south-facing slope with a tad more clay in the soil to go along with the chalk. 2014 is an exquisite version of this Premier Cru, which possesses natural depth and backbone from the 45-year-old vines. Dense and generous from the clay soils old vines but quite taut and nerveaux up in front, then builds nicely and lingers on the back. An incisive wine of noteworthy class, with subtle grapefruit and pineapple flavors that are enveloped by firm minerality and peat tones. Very long, fresh and aromatic on the back end. Drink now through 2024 with very refined seafood dishes. A true Chablis lover’s Chablis!

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$27.99 BTL./$335.88 CASE

Fourneaux is a Premier Cru site and one that has a warm microclimate, hence Fourneaux or oven. South facing and very steep, when in adept hands, this site really over-performs.

Clay and limestone over kimmeridgian soil, one sees and tastes not only Chablis but also the sunshine that aids in the wine’s depth. The 2014 reveals some perfumed stone, musk, saline, tangerine and undertones of spicy earth. Very clean and precise yet rounder than both the Vaucopin and Mont de Milieu. Nice layers of fruit here, but they never interfere at all with the classic flinty character of the wine. The finish builds plenty of electricity and has good outward qualities. Drink through 2025.

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$29.99 BTL./$359.88 CASE

Mont de Milieu is Grossot’s most structured and stacked Premier Cru. Bordering the Grands Crus and quite steep, this vineyard is packed with Kimmeridgian soil and laden with sea shell/fossils.

Very complete nose. Citrus fruit, but along with musk, serious crustaceans, crushed limestone and gunflint. Impressive depth here along with gentle mushroom and anise tones beneath the surface. Linear and very electric and nervy. Goes very deep, but is tight and youthful; serious oceanic flavors and the finish can best be described as mighty! This is superb quality almost reaching Grand Cru levels in this great vintage. Drink through 2028.

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$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

Alvaro Palacios is known for some serious high-end juice; however, his Camins is an excellent way to have a Palacios Priorat experience for 20 bucks. Consistently this dude kills it with his Priorat wines and he remains one of Spain's most important figures.

2015 is the ninth vintage for the Camins and once again, it soars into orbit. 40% Grenache, 20% Carignan, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah & 10% Merlot and packed with broad plum, cinnamon, licorice and serious wind-swept garrigue, but never fear, the distinct dance of the minerality never strays far in both aroma and taste-wise. Speaking of taste, the texture goes very deep with a full presence of black licorice fruit, less tannins and backbone, this offering never veer into heaviness or thickness and is meant to be consumed in the near-term. Resounding white pepper explodes on the finish that possesses excellent persistence; this is an excellent choice for grilled pork.

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$16.99 BTL./$203.88 CASE

If you're a Zinfandel fanatic you should unquestionably have this outfit's full-flavored bounties in your drinking repertoire. The Four Vines crew are wine rebels who specialize in Zin and make wines that are decidedly American.

The 2010 Maverick is authoritative, balls-to-the-wall, impactful Zin, although now six years old, it is really smoothed out and garnering excellent complexity. From dry-farmed, head-pruned vines from Amador County's Shenandoah Valley, the old vines here give this stunner intensity and an elixir-like concentration. Ripe, warm notes of raspberry and juicy cherry play off perfectly intertwined pepper-spice and lovely violet scents. The high elevation vineyard site brings forth a briskness that balances out the richness and makes this zin a great match for grilled meats, brick-oven pizza and tomato-based dishes.

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$31.99 BTL./$383.88 CASE

Since planting his vineyard in 1996, Mike Hallock has been producing terrific wines in the Chehalem Mountain region in a very stealth manner. 25 years as a geologist, Mike brought this experience to bear when he chose his site and planted his seven different clones on his 58 acres. The style here is full-scale due to the warmth of the site, but nowhere does this wine resemble a boat plank.

About one-third use of new French oak allows the wines to maintain what Mike looks for in his wines, a real expression of both his site and the Chehalem Mountain region itself. The nose on this wine starts in cruising mode then quickly shifts into third, fourth and fifth gear. With engaging perfume, cinnamon, red flowers, smoke, and raspberry, this very real, yet full Pinot Noir is not made simply to appease Cabernet drinkers, there is a hell of a lot more there than just fruit, oak and more fruit. Lacy and deep flavors weave through the mouth buffered nicely by regal structure. The finish is fine and long with pronounced creamy red tones. This wine is very likable now and will continue to drink well and develop over the next 7-8 years.

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$29.99 BTL./$359.88 CASE

Mind-blowing. The most appropriate description to describe the Volpaia wines these days. No matter how good something is, there is always room for improvement and at an already renowned estate like Volpaia, they are always looking for ways and means to make their great wines even greater! Back in 2001, the estate took on a consulting oenologist and the already transcendent Volpaia wines took a leap to being perhaps Radda's most prolific Chianti producer. Maintaining the fragrant, perfumed floral traits that are what Radda in Chianti are all about, this wine has an extra level of intensity but never strays outside its borders to become a caricature of itself. One item of recognition is the fat 92-point review from the ever-conservative scoring Antonio Galloni of Vinous:

‘The 2012 Chianti Classico Riserva Castello di Volpaia is impeccable in this vintage, with terrific focus to balance the overt fruit of the vintage. Dark red cherry, plum, smoke, mint and sweet spices are all woven together in a flashy, mid-weight Riserva that should continue to drink well for at least a handful of years, perhaps beyond. Crushed flowers and a hint of rose petal add the final shades of nuance. – 92 POINTS’. Drink through 2027.

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$159.99 - VERY LIMITED!

When it comes to the greatest of French Syrah, we go to straight to the moon by featuring one of the world’s greatest! We rarely ever get the chance to offer the legendary Rene Rostaing’s brilliant Côte-Rôtie wines simply because there is very little wine produced. Rostaing has been a grower since 1971 acquiring small parcels of Cote Blonde and La Landonne. What put Rostaing squarely on the map was the retirement of his father-in-law Albert Gentaz Dervieux followed a few years later by Albert’s brother Marius, 2 of Cote-Rotie’s most important growers thus bringing his total to just over 20 acres. Rostaing is out to prove that Cote-Rotie is its own animal and should never aspire to be Hermitage or Barossa, just something super complex and comfortable in its own skin. These wines some of the world’s finest Syrah wines and exquisite for those who love to collect.

La Landonne is a magnificent and very famous climat in Cote-Rotie. It is also so steep that it would make a billy goat puke! Rostaing owns a little under 4 acres in this hallowed site and the vines average 60 years in age with some planted in the early 1920s. La Landonne could best be described as the Chateau Petrus of Cote-Rotie as it wields power but has impeccable, underlying finesseful tones. 2013 is a magnificent vintage for Cote-Rotie and one where Gerin excelled.

This wine shows a cerebral perfumy Grand Cru Burgundy-influenced nose of violet, smoke, lavender, tar, smoke and licorice. In the mouth, it is youthful and packed in, but the laciness of La Landonne shines through! It also presents some hints of what is to come in the future as it is ethereal, smooth and ungodly long in the finish, albeit young. Give this wine 6-8 years to integrate its structured tannins and fruit and then enjoy it through 2037+.