Friday Sips

Mostly Barbera from Coppo
Today June 14 from 2:30 - 6:30
Drop by today to taste 3 Barbera wines plus one fresh white from a pinnacle Asti producer.

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Along with the likes of Vietti, Bologna and Olim Bauda, Coppo is definitely on the list of Rushmore producers of Asti. Founded in 1892 this family has become widely known for their wines and since the 80s, Barbera in particular.

Aged solely in stainless steel tanks this Barbera provides an abundance of pleasure for everyday consumption. Fleshy, vibrant and given the warmth and cuddly aspects of 2017, possesses ample red and black fruits. Very mouth filling but most importantly very fun and one that will please many palates. Enjoy this flavorful red with meatballs, seafood in tomatoes and salami.

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The torch-carrying Barbera of the Coppo lineup, Camp du Rouss was first produced in 1985. This was revolutionary because at the time, Asti Barbera was known much more for quantity rather than top quality. It is also named after the original owner of the vineyard, a big burly red headed man who used to scare the children. Not to worry, these wines are smooth, stylish and very friendly.

It is a fun comparison today between two superb vintages. 2016 is the more classic of the two possessing cool and vibrant tones along with structure and elevation. A core of succulent strawberry, plum and violet along with hints of cardamom from the thoughtful use of oak. Drawn out and very elevated, this is a hell of a Barbera for sausages, risotto or even pizza.

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A complete different beast is 2015. This is a warm, very exotic vintage and the Barbera shines more with blackberries along with intense spice highlighted by sandalwood and nutmeg. Mouth filling, generous and having very fine expansion, although less acidity than the 2016.

I find that this wine really wants more cuisine from the earth, particularly mushrooms (porcini). It will work well with chicken and tomatoes as well as a soulful vegetarian dish that has root veggies along with mushrooms, perhaps over fettucine.

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Coppo has been a player when it comes to Gavi for over thirty years, managing and operating an estate in that area of Piedmont known as La Rocca. As the name states, there is an abundance of calcareous marl soil lending to extravagant minerality.

The 2018 is very fresh and elevated. Prominent lime and powdery tones follow through to a savory texture savory with a nice core of fruit to go along with the telltale minerals that the Cortese grape brings. A perfect wine to have on its own before a meal, it pairs well with shellfish (clams in particular) and is a magnetic match to go with any fresh pesto or pesto-based dish.