Turkey Wines

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TALKIN' TURKEY...WINES! - Specially-selected reds, whites & local wines for the big bird and more


$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

Pairing wine with the big bird doesn’t require opening a bottle of Château Latour, Dominus, Conterno Barolo or Chambertin (see rule #1 way at the bottom). However, if you were so inclined to do so, it’s all good (see rule #3 at the bottom). A passion for Rhône varietals, James and Poppie Mantone settled into Lyle, WA to discover the vineyards along with the potential for these varietals grown in the area's diverse soils. Since the winery's inception in 2001, these wines have taken off and provide very real experiences of what Rhône grapes can achieve in our neighborhood. It also doesn't hurt that they are immensely popular within Portland and Seattle's top restaurants, either.

The Subduction Red is inspired by the likes of what is done in the Southern Rhone Valley but done from vineyards and grapes in Washington's Horse Heaven Hills and Wahluke Slope Regions. The 2011 is a blend of Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan along with a dash of Cinsault and Counoise. Dark, ripe, dusty fruit with coffee and raspberry aspects arrive; smoky tones creep through and add even more complexity as it opens. On entry, plenty of cushiony fruit and towards the middle, it develops good backbone, freshness, pronounced white pepper and lots of fruit-driven expansion on the finish.

$9.99 BTL./$119.88 CASE

Contrary to what many hippies and moralists will say, there is much to be learned from TV. Back when we were growing up and watching many cartoons (Bryan still watches many cartoons), we learned a lot from the old Schoolhouse Rock series. It always warms my heart when we hear "Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function" or "Three Is A Magic Number" played on a Saturday morning. The only difference is the change in cartoons What used to be Looney Toons is now some sort of loud-ass flashy thing that'll give you a seizure when you watch it. Whether it’s Schoolhouse Rock or a college education, either will allow you to enjoy this thrilling-value unoaked red with your holiday meals.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon from France's Languedoc region, it combines both its Southern French terroir and varietal very well. Inviting Mediterranean aromas of lavender, thyme and licorice along with cassis tea-leaf and cocoa tones. A ripe, smooth entry gives way to smoky, spicy qualities on the personable finish. Normally we wouldn't recommend Cab with turkey, but this one has lusciousness and large likability-factor that we feel that it will pair beautifully. Also will pair with steak, cheeseburgers or just plain by itself if you so wish.


$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

German Riesling is immaculate with Thanksgiving dinner as it plays well with all of the parts of the day. If you’re watching the 9 AM football game or having a nightcap, one could drink this wine from start to finish, with food and without. Zeltinger Sonnenuhr is a virtual Grand Cru site in the Mosel and made by a small but very impressive producer, this wine is way too good for its meager price.

Perfume-driven from its altitude and blue Devon slate soils, there is a multitude of excellence in the bottle. From its aromas of smoked mandarin, tarragon, mint and pronounced mineral all the way to its deft and ethereal texture, this 11.5° alcohol winner never lets you down. Just the right amount of sweetness on the tip of the tongue, it is righteously balanced by electric and elevated minerally acidity to allow for coating and cleansing of the palate. An invigorating jaunt to the senses, you owe it to yourselves to experience one of the wine world’s terrific values!

$11.99 BTL./$143.88 CASE

It is commonly known that Charlie Brown served buttered toast, freshly-popped popcorn and pretzel sticks for Thanksgiving dinner when Peppermint Patty invited herself and others over for dinner. Charlie Brown was doomed from the start with his meal, yet he could have easily appeased and soothed his militantly androgynous guest by serving her an adult beverage or six which would include this terrific white wine.

Whether you are serving turkey, duck, tofu-burgers or buttered toast, this obscenely delicious white wine will satisfy everyone! Clean, dry and very explosive, this Reserve Selection is from one of the best producers in the Southwest of France. Passionfruit and lemongrass dominate the nose, while intriguing melon and pink grapefruit notes seemingly detonate in the mouth. Pairing the white meat of turkey can be a challenge since it is very neutral, I believe that you need something dry, bright and mouth-watering to liven up the whole food and wine experience. If Gros Manseng as a grape isn't familiar to you, I'll put it in simpler terms - lovers of any dry, aromatic white wine will do cartwheels.


$21.50 BTL./$258.00 CASE

Bow & Arrow owner/winemaker Scott Frank did a three year tenure working with John Paul at Cameron where many great lessons were learned. Not wanting to fully emulate Cameron wines, Scott set out to make his own expressions and is inspired by what’s done in France’s Loire Valley vs. Burgundy, crafting unique and pure expressions of Oregon wine.

Approximately equal parts of Gamay from the Walnut Ridge Vineyard and Pinot Noir off of old blocks from Medici Vineyard, this wine is teeming with not only geeky character, but more importantly, teeming with pleasure. The initial aroma that wafts from the glass will bring many back to their childhood with throwback scents of opening a fresh box of red-hot candies. Enticing smoke, red fruits, forest floor, cinnamon, mineral and gently placed herbs soon follow and move on through to an energetic texture that shows persistence and depth without being the least bit gooey or heavy-handed. Ethereal and cerebral favors excite the palate and the movement of the wine is superb. Poised, soulful stuff that will pair well with a turkey leg, but also anything that is bad for you like coarse paté or rillettes. You’re gonna have to go outside of the normal Oregon Pinot Noir box on this wine because it is unlike any red wine you’ve ever experienced from our state!!

$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE

I love the story about the naming of this particular Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

"La Combe Verte means "The Green Fault" or "The Green Valley" and was named for the amazing team at Patricia Green Cellars. Without their help we would still be sorting grapes! Essentially, it is Patricia Green Cellar's "fault" that we were able to start this project." – Walter Scott owners/winemakers Ken Pahlow & Erica Landon

Made from a selection of 4 different Vineyard sites -3 in Eola-Amity, 1 in Dundee Hills- this wine exudes Oregon Pinot Noir and is very honestly priced, especially given the character and complexity of what’s in the bottle. Precise, aromatic aromas of clove, red earth, smoke and berry tones lead into a texture that has depth and dimension, but also possesses vibrancy, spice and ample length Vintage 2011 provided deceptive grip and while this wine immediately says "drink me," there is plenty of material here to allow it to age as well.

2011 LUMOS PINOT GRIS “RODOLFO” $14.99 BTL./$179.88 CASE

The mind behind the Lumos wines is Dai Crisp. Having managed Temperance Hill Vineyard since 1999 and being a hell of a vineyard manager, Dai took the plunge into winemaking in 2000 creating the Lumos label. Here’s a Pinot Gris that has immense character, is a mere 12.6°alcohol and really possesses lots of burst, finesse and above all, is fully dry. Virtually fleshy aromas and flavors of white peach, tangerine, pear, white flowers and a kiss of aromatic spice. Stuffed to the brim with mouth-watering flavor and a finish that's vivid and blitzing. A wonderful sipper to start a meal or to serve with an array of seafood dishes and white meats.


$19.99 BTL./$239.88 CASE
A while back the person who sells me these particular wines was overly excited about them and telling me how all of the hipsters were digging Agustí Torello Cavas. Now perhaps I’m just an old grouch or aging hipster myself, but I had to show just how we at The Cellar Door had worked with these phenomenal Spanish bubblies 10 years ago. Alas, that was another time and it’s almost been that long since we’ve been able to offer them. Good on all of these guys for bringing them back in and for the hipsters for really liking them and bringing them back to the forefront.

Only in existence for just under 60 years, Agusti Torello Mata has undeniably been an influence on this region. Most famous for the expensive, amphora-shaped bottle called Kripta, all of the wines in this line-up are absolutely formidable. The 2009 Aliguer Brut is made solely from traditional Penedes grapes. 48% Macabeo, 25% Xarello, 27% Parellada, the quality of this so-called “entry-level” offering would be that of most producers’ top bottling! Refined aromas of lemon, biscuit, and mineral entice on the nose. Tightly focused and very elegant flavors of hazelnut, lemon, andspice. This has some very serious high class mousse. No comparisons here to Champagne, this wine is special in itself. Lovely on its own, it does work very well at the table with shellfish, fish, and poultry. If you love bubbly don’t miss this! We also hate to remind you, but the holidays will be here soon enough….

$11.99 HALF BOTTLE/$287.76 CASE OF 24 SPLITS
Ste-Croix-du-Mont is a hidden gem of a dessert-wine producing region and one that delivers a nice sweet-wine experience for not a lot of money. Located just across the river facing Sauternes and Barsac, the same grapes (Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle) are utilized in the production of the area's wines. Sainte Croix du Mont is endowed with one of nature's strange wonders. It lies upon a panoramic plateau comprised of vast fossilized oyster beds which give it an exceptional terroir. Château Bel-Air's version is from the estate's oldest vines and is a truly delicious glass of golden nectar. Enticing, very forward with honeyed earth, full botrytis, dried peach and ruby grapefruit fragrances; in the mouth it is full, round, supple and precocious with fine spices and a lovely finish. Very accessible now through 2017. Drink it with peachy desserts. Roquefort will probably overpower this one so try it with a less powerful bleu cheese like Rogue Bleu or Bleu D'Auvergne.


- Don't break the bank...No matter how you prepare it, even if it is from a Three Star Michelin joint, turkey is not, and will never be "haute cuisine." - We like to keep it under about $25 (but if you'd like, we can take it higher at any time!).

- Unless you cook the turkey like Bryan's mom back in Pittsburgh (dry as the Mojave desert,) then you want to keep whatever wine that you use to be vibrant and alive. I tend not to use high-tannin, over-oaked 15° booze-bombs. I virtually never use Italian reds...these wines go with their food best.

- Have fun and get stuffed, there really are no rights or wrongs when it comes to pairings with turkey, reds, roses or whites work equally well.